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5 Ideas for Newborn Photography at Home

Life with a newborn is hard enough, so we like to keep the photography experience EASY for you! Our lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your own home, so there is no need to load up the diaper bag and everyone's outfits to drive somewhere else. I will bring everything I need, and everything you need is already there! What will we do during our time together? There are a lot of options!

in-home newborn pictures lifestyle newborn in Westerville baby in crib

We've collected 5 ideas to inspire you for your in-home lifestyle newborn session!

  1. Document real moments

  2. Use special items or props

  3. Nursery time

  4. Sibling love

  5. The whole family together

Let's break these down a little more!

Candid Newborn Photos

A lifestyle newborn session is a type of photoshoot that captures natural and candid moments of the baby and the family in their home environment. This can include photos of the baby sleeping, feeding, being cuddled by parents, and interacting with siblings or pets. It also may include a parent trying to calm a fussy baby, or sharing laughter as a couple while baby makes various expressions as a sleeping baby.

candid baby pictures westerville by westerville newborn photographer top of baby head

Include Special Items in Baby Pictures

Using props in your newborn photoshoot can add a unique and personal touch. Some ideas for props include a special baby blanket made by a grandmother or passed down through the generations. It could be a hat with baby's name or meaningful stuffed animal.

matching baby swaddle and robe in newborn picture near westerville

Newborn Photographs in the Nursery

You have spent so much time choosing the perfect finishing touches for this new space, and we know you can't wait to put it to good use! The nursery is a special place for the baby, and it can be a great location for a newborn photoshoot. You can take photos of the baby in their crib, in a rocking chair, or on a soft rug. Sometimes we have siblings read baby a book in the nursery, or have mom or dad hold baby next to the crib. Documenting a newborn in the crib is also a great moment to capture! They are only this little for a short period of time!

newborn baby pictures with dog at home in crib near Westerville, Ohio

Older Siblings with Newborn Baby

Is there anything sweeter than the love between siblings? We don't think so! It is so important to document these first moments of friendship between your children. In some cases your other child might be a fur-baby, and that's precious, too! Whether the oldest sibling is big enough to hold the baby, or they need to lay down to pose together, we can get some great images of them together. For some families, candid moments also work really well here! A prompt for a kiss on baby's head or maybe the older sibling reading to baby. There are so many opportunities for adorable captures between the kids.

sibling picture with newborn near Westerville Ohio

Family Pictures with Newborn

Why focus just on baby? A newborn photoshoot can also be a great opportunity to take family photos. You can include siblings, grandparents, or even pets in the photos to capture the love and joy of the whole family. We like to get a few shots of your whole family together during this new phase of life!

newborn family pictures in Columbus, ohio

Have another idea? Would love to hear it! These early moments with your expanded family are so special and they go by so very quickly. If you are looking to plan for photographing your new arrival, we would love to help!


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