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Indoor First Birthday Photos in Westerville

If your baby was born in the Winter months, or you simply don't want to worry about the weather for their special first birthday photo session, indoors is the way to go! A warm and cozy studio space with various backdrop options that don't depend on nature give you much more control over the asthetic of the setting.

first birthday pictures in westerville photo studio boy doing cake smash picture

Westerville Photo Studio for Indoor First Birthday Pictures

We have the best option for an indoor studio for your baby's first birthday! Being inside at a convenient location makes for an easy photo shoot experience. You are able to change baby's outfit and rely on a comfortable temperature for easy outfit planning. Plus, we don't have to worry about rescheduling due to weather. It's never raining in the studio!

first birthday photos in Westerville studio

Home-like Photo Studio Setting

All of the feels of home without coming into your home! We can do a lifestyle studio session with a loveseat, chairs, windows, plants, and a natural vibe. With modern studio floors and neutral white walls, you are able to get a home-like look and feel without having to do any cleaning yourself! Bring your favorite books and stuffed animals for a personality-filled session showcasing your baby's favorites for their first birthday!

first birthday picture in westerville ohio studio

Backdrop options for an Indoor Studio Pictures

Looking for a more traditional look? We have plenty of backdrop options to match your vision. We can add some props or even a smash cake for lots of personality and variety in your images. From neutral greys and beiges to bright blues, yellows, or pinks, we have a lot of options for colorful or simple paper backdrops for your little one's first birthday!

1 year birthday photo with number 1 in Westerville indoor photo studio

If you are ready to book your indoor studio session for your baby's first birthday (or any birthday!), let's get in touch! We offer family photos inside and outside all year round!


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