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Family Pictures with Trees in Bloom

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and nature does a beautiful display of this when trees bloom full of white, yellow, purple, and pink flowers! Flowering trees make the best Spring backdrop for family pictures. It is a perfect compliment to flowers popping from the ground.

flowering tree family picture of girl laughing at Inniswood

Spring Family Pictures with Flowering Trees

Once Spring arrives, we are able to comfortably take family pictures without the cold temps forcing everyone to bundle up! Pastel blues, purples, pinks, make a great color palette. But if you are using a white flowering tree as a backdrop, there are even more wardrobe color options available. Blues always pop against the grass that is finally greening up after a long Winter, and the leaves that are starting to bud everywhere.

photography session of boy crawling in Spring grass

Spring Westerville family picture of girl in front of yellow flowering tree

Blooming Trees for Family Pictures

The trees bloom for such a short period of time, and it can be hard to time it just right. This session was done at the beginning of April, but we have seen these trees, pear, and magnolia trees bloom anytime from mid-March through late April, depending on the year. One thing I love about a large tree with blooming flowers is that it creates an entire wall of a floral display perfect for a backdrop for family pictures. As the flowers begin to fade, the small green leaves start to grow and the white will be replaced by the green. Unlike in the Fall when the leaves fall off when the color display ends.

Flowering tree in Westerville family photo session of boy running

Mommy and me photos in Westerville in front of white flowering tree

Looking to freshen up your family photos this Spring? Or perhaps you had a baby over the cooler months and you are ready to get everyone outside for some portraits. We typically offer at least one weekend of mini sessions & also regular sessions throughout the season.


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