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Annual Family Photos: Why it Matters

It is so important as parents to document the fleeting moments of childhood and a growing family. With busy schedules and the everyday chaos of family life, it can be easy to let the years go by without documenting those special memories. However, taking family photos each year is an important way to preserve those moments in time to create a lasting legacy for your family. Most importantly, it will help you remember each stage of their lives.

summer family pictures in westerville ohio outdoor family picture

Family Photos Freeze Time

Well, it's the closest we can get to freezing time anyway. The expressions and little features are documented in an image that will never change, no matter how much your child does. This can help you remember every little detail as time goes on and they outgrow little things they do now and don't do them anymore.

child running and laughing in candid family picture

Family Photos Show Connection

Of course we usually take a few minutes of everyone looking and smiling at the camera, but some of the most special photos are ones that show connection between members of the family. This helps you really appreciate the moments that make your family your favorite people in the whole world! Family photos can become treasured family heirlooms that hold special meaning for your family for years to come... seeing the way your little ones look at you or look at each other is only documented this well through photos, and when you are present enough in the moment by having a photographer take the images for you.

candid family picture during fall in westerville

Annual Pictures Show Growth

We've all seen recreated photos from childhood where people put on the same outfits and pose in a similar fashion or recreate a pose in a certain location. They are always enjoyable because they are a fun way to see the difference and similarities between then and now. Family photos can provide an opportunity to reflect on growth of your kids individually and growth as a family if you have added more people or pets. As you look back on family photos from years past, you can see how much your family has grown and changed. This can be a powerful reminder of how limited our time is and how important it is to spend it together.

Photos Celebrate Milestones

Family photos are a great way to celebrate milestones and accomplishments. The addition of new family members, birthdays, or special events for someone. It documents special times so you can easily look back on that image and remember exactly how you felt that day.

first birthday picture indoor at westerville photo studio cake smash

Family Photos Boost Self-Esteem

Family photos can also boost self-esteem, especially for children. Seeing themselves in family photos can provide a sense of belonging and importance, which can help boost their self-esteem and confidence. It can also provide a sense of comfort and security, knowing that they are a valued and important part of the family. For kids that have moved out, having their presence on the walls at home shows that this is always their home, too, and that they still belong.

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Family Pictures are a Tradition

Taking family photos each year can become a family tradition. Often this tradition occurs in the Fall in preparation of holiday cards. The kids know to expect it and get used to their photographer. This helps with participation and smiles, and makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable. When they grow up, they will remember "we did family pictures every year" and look back fondly on that family time together.

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If you haven't done family pictures for a while, we'd love to help you plan a session just right for you. Let's chat about options!


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