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Somewhere between the sleepless nights and endless feedings, my babies turned into toddlers. Before I knew it, preschool drop-offs turned into elementary drop-offs. I'm not sure how, but time seems to be accelerating. 

I love photographing families because I know I am creating something special that only becomes more meaningful as time goes on. I find joy in documenting their little personalities and the connection you share with each other. We don't know when will be the last time they cling to your leg or refuse to be put down, or when they will outgrow holding hands with their sister or hugging their brother.

Let's document these moments now!

Hello! I'm Emily

Your Westerville Area Family Photographer

I'm the face behind the camera at Lucky Family Photography. My husband and I have 4 children who have given me the ultimate training in patience (and popular children's shows)! But my journey with photography actually began over a decade ago when my husband and I started this business together. I've since invested in many trainings and spent countless hours photographing others to help them document these fleeting moments. 

A few years ago, our son received a sudden cancer diagnosis, which turned our whole world upside down. What I experienced created a deeper appreciation for the little things that make up childhood. After years of treatment and many, many medical appointments later, we are thankful daily that he is currently in remission and off treatment. This experience reinforced for me the importance of what I do - freezing moments in time so they can be remembered forever.

I feel very lucky to get to do what I do!

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