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Spring Family Photo Outfits

It's an excellent time for family photos, with seasons beginning to change, flowers blooming, and the sun shining more. As a Columbus family photographer, Spring is one of my most popular times of year for family photos. It's a great time to get together, play outside, and update your family portraits. I understand how much of an effort it can be to get your kids ready and at photos on time, let alone trying to coordinate outfits! Throughout my years of experience, I've gathered my top spring family photo outfit tips to make planning much more manageable.

Family Photographers Columbus Ohio capture young family during spring family photos wearing coordinating spring family photos outfits

Coordinate Colors

When planning your spring family photo outfits, plan to coordinate, not match. Coordinating colors look incredible on camera and are such a timeless look. Try not to have everyone match completely, but wear similar colors or shades of a specific paint to provide depth in your images. If you want your littles to match, do it! Just make sure the older kids or even you and your partner wear colors that coordinate with their cute outfits.

How Many Colors Should Our Family Wear for Spring Family Pictures?

In an effort to best coordinate as a family, we recommend limiting the total number of prominent or accent colors for your wardrobe. For families of 2-4 people, we recommend two main colors. For families with 5-7 people, we recommend two main colors and 1-2 accent colors. Alternatively, for larger families, you could wear three main colors and 1 accent color. For extended families, we often recommend a common color or two across the entire group but having each family pod coordinate using that color as a main color or accent. For example, each family unit can wear blue as a main color or an accent color but choose yellow, pink, white, or grey as a secondary color to pull their family unit together within the larger group. Be sure that the overall color scheme goes well together. For Spring family pictures, we love a pastel color palette for wardrobes, including pinks, peaches, lighter blues, light grey, white, cream, pale yellow, and mint green.

Family Photographers Columbus Ohio capture mother holding child in flowers during spring family photos

Choose Practical Clothes for Your Spring Family Photo Outfits

Remember to choose practical clothes while planning your spring family photo outfits, especially if the session is outside. There's nothing worse than taking kids to an outdoor spot where they want to run and explore, and they're wearing their nicest clothes. Not only will they feel constricted and irritable, but often, you'll be stressed too. Eliminate stress by choosing clothes that align with your vision while keeping your kids comfortable and happy. Accessories should stay in position as children move to avoid the constant need to adjust them throughout your Spring family pictures. Be sure all articles of clothing (including shoes) fit just right before picture day! This will allow you to enjoy the photography experience with your kids rather than spending your time pulling pants up and putting shoes back on!

Family Photographers Columbus Ohio capture young girl wearing yellow dress during spring family photos

Dress for Your Environment

Next, talk to your photographer about where you'll take the pictures. There is nothing more timeless and classic than dressing to complement the environment. Whether with specific colors or dressing more casually or dressily based on the location. For example, if you're taking your family photos in my studio, you could dress more nice and fancy. Whereas if you were taking pictures in a park, you could dress a little more casually. You may want to choose a color palette that fits the backdrops you've chosen!

Add Texture For Your Spring Family Photo Outfits

While planning your spring family photo outfits, try to add texture to your outfits. Texture can come in many forms and not just physical surfaces. Consider adding some patterns to your outfits to add the illusion of texture while providing depth to the photos. If you find a piece with a print you love, try coordinating everyone's outfits with that piece. Avoid too many designs, as they can look busy and chaotic.

Family photographers columbus ohio capture young child wearing spring family photos outfits in field of flowers

Be Yourself

Lastly, be yourself! Wear what makes you and your family feel the most comfortable and confident. These photos will be memories you look back on for years to come while capturing your children's growing personalities and changes. This season of life with young kids flies by quickly; try to enjoy it, be present, and be yourself.

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