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Columbus Photography Studios Family Photos vs Outdoor Family Photos

Many family photographers in Columbus encourage family photos to be taken outdoors; there's nothing wrong with that. However, it's not the only option! As a family photographer, I strive to offer my clients an effortless experience that will accommodate their family's unique set of needs. Photography, especially with families and young kids, isn't a one-size-fits-all experience. It all comes down to your family's vision. It can be hard to find Columbus photography studios, but we have space to offer that as an option for family photos! The weather can be tricky throughout the year, and being flexible and offering a studio has been incredible. Let's dive into the pros and cons of each and see which works best for your family!

Columbus family photographer captures mother and father holding hands and walking with daughter through Christmas tree farm

Outdoor Family Photos

Outdoor family photos are a classic and can turn out beautifully. However, the weather in Columbus can make planning outdoor sessions a little more complicated, but not impossible. Consider the location and how your children will interact when planning your outdoor family photos. I like to take families to local parks for photos; it gives the kids room to run around and have fun as we take some great photos. Another thing to consider is whether you like how outdoor family photos look. Outdoor photos are always beautiful and showcase the scenery well if you are looking to showcase a season in nature. However, a studio session may be better if your main focus is to capture your children in this specific season of life. The focus is on just them!

If you're planning family photos for holidays or specific times of the year, outdoor family photos must be taken earlier to accommodate the weather and allow rescheduling time. Also, popular locations may be busier during the nicer months when other people enjoy the park.

Columbus family photographer captures family during Columbus photography studios family portraits

Columbus Photography Studios Family Photos

Throughout the family photo planning, consider what the photos will be used for and what you're trying to accomplish. When clients are planning their family photos, I love to offer my Columbus photography studio as an option, as it always allows us to be creative without weather issues.

Suppose you're welcoming a new bundle of joy into the family. In that case, a studio session is a great option to keep the baby comfortable while allowing the mom access to necessary facilities. Perhaps your main goal is to remember your children in this current stage before school begins or simply because you want to. A studio allows families to focus on each child quickly and efficiently easily without the distractions present outdoors.

Columbus family photographer captures baby girl wearing red outfit looking up at camera

Columbus photography studios for family photos are often more efficient and easier to book as the weather doesn't play a factor, and we don't have to worry about other people around. When we book your family for a studio photography session, the focus is on you!

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