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Summer Mini Photography Sessions

If you are looking for a quick update to your family photographs, a summer mini photo session might be right for you!

mommy and me mini session in spring wearing blue and white

Is a Summer Mini Photo Session Right for Us?

Maybe you are wondering if your family would be a good fit for a mini photography session. We have written all about this here, but let's give a quick review!

Mini photography sessions are great for families with older kids and teens. If your kids are old enough to take direction and cooperate easily, these sessions are a great fit. We can do a lot of variety in a short period of time when the kids are on board (even if it involves a bribe).

Mini sessions are great for families with a member who hates photos. You get the whole thing done and over in a short period of time, which means it will be easier to talk them into it and they will hate it less! We have an entire blog post dedicated to whether you should do a mini session!

westerville family mini session with boys sitting with parents smiling happy kids

Reasons to do a Summer Mini Photography Session

There are many great reasons to do a Summer Mini Session, but not the least of which is the amazing weather. This is the first reason many people think about when planning their Summer photography sessions. It is comfortable for all age groups, particularly when we schedule toward the very beginning or end of the day. We have less issues with rain, wind, or certainly snow!

Summer scenery in Central Ohio makes a great backdrop for family photography. We have leaves on the trees making the woods come alive, water flowing in the creeks and fountains, and of course FLOWERS everywhere!

Summer lends to many outfit options for your session day! You can dress up with heels and a dress or dress down with barefoot in the grass. Kids can be comfortable in polos and shorts and everyone can wear sandals.

maternity photoshoot with daughter kissing belly

Summer Mini Sessions for Busy Families

It's no secret that Fall can be extremely busy for families! Back to school always gets crazy with meeting teachers, back to school shopping, and finding the new routines of waking up early, packing lunches, and homework. Then Fall sports start! Families often spend every night at practice and weekends at competitions and tournaments.

Getting these sessions in before the chaos begins means your family will have their holiday card photo done AND updated images for your walls before everyone else who waits until the last minute. We've all been there before and it is stressful! Mostly, it is just easier to schedule when you don't have as much going on and the days are longer!

stunning portrait of tween girl wearing a purple dress in summer with flowers in park

Booking a Summer Mini Session

The best way to stay on top of getting a Summer Mini Session is following us on Instagram @luckyfamilyphotography where we will be posting updates to our schedule as we go! You can also find more information and current availability and dates here. Reach out if you have any other questions so we can help!


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