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Time to Schedule Fall Family Photos

Can you believe Fall is right around the corner? We are gearing up for another busy season. Fall for photographers can be like April for accountants. This highly-desirable season books early, especially for weekend or prime dates. Thankfully, our calendar is open!

Fall family photographer picture of siblings hugging with fall color

Mini Fall Sessions

This year we will be offering mini sessions on a couple occasions at different locations. You can read more about those and find the scheduling link here! Wondering if a mini photo session is right for your family? We detailed everything you need to know before booking.

Mini Session Photographer in Westerville family picture with Fall color tree

In short, these sessions are... well... short. They are booked back to back and each family has an assigned time slot during which we will take a variety of images. The general goal, which depends on the individual family, is group shots, siblings, and each individual child. Anything else by request and time permitting. After over 14 years as a photographer, you would be surprised at how many great shots we can get in just a few minutes!

These sessions are perfect for a quick family photo update or for those families with incredibly busy schedules and only a few minutes to spare! They are also very popular for holiday cards. We generally offer Fall Minis, Tree Farm Minis, and Holiday Studio Minis.

Westerville tree farm mini session with props sisters

Christmas studio mini session near westerville with pajamas and tree

Custom Fall Family Sessions

If you are looking for a family session that lasts a bit longer or is at a location of your choosing, this might be the best fit for you. These do book quickly, so planning ahead is super helpful to ensure you grab a spot that works for your family before they are booked.

family pictures in Lewis Center with Fall color

Wondering what kind of combinations we photograph during your family picture session? It truly depends on what you are looking for. This is your time! Some common combinations are the whole family together, mom with kids, dad with kids, siblings together, each child individually, and sometimes parents together. Reach out here to schedule!

Extended Fall Family Sessions

If your family is getting together for a special occasion - or if simply getting together is a special occasion, it is worth documenting! We love extended family sessions and photograph many each year. I cannot stress enough how important it is to plan ahead when doing a family session with multiple families. Trying to find a time when everyone's schedule lines up can be a challenge, especially once our Fall schedule opens up. Plus, Ohio weather can be unpredictable and leaving time for rain reschedules is always best. Let's look at date options now!


Contact us with any questions and to schedule your very own Fall photo session for your family. Let's get those pictures updated!


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