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My Husband Hates Photos! HELP!

If this is you - you are in the right place!

This is something I have heard over and over again throughout the 15+ years I have been a photographer. I totally understand that dressing in his least favorite outfit and missing a football game for his favorite team isn't the ideal way to spend a Saturday, but we can make it as painless as possible. Here are some ideas to make it suck less for him!

husband dad doesn't want to do family pictures westerville
I had to use a stock photo because the guys I photograph are awesome and not annoyed!

Schedule the Best Time for Family Photos

If you schedule these photos during a game he has been looking forward to for a long time, or on a weekend he is supposed to be on a trip with his friends, it's going to be a problem! Take into account his schedule when choosing your date. If you are scheduling a mini session, give him the list of available dates and have him chose the one that impacts his schedule the least. If the choice is between this or working on that overdue home to-do list, you are already at an advantage!

Consider a Mini Photo Session

If the man in your life really hates to do family pictures, let's see if we can get it done as quickly as possible. Mini sessions are generally significantly shorter than full-length custom sessions. Not only is the guesswork taken out of finding a location and theme, but we are in and out and get everything you need in much less time. This can be a huge win for a husband who doesn't want to be there in the first place!

New Albany mini session photographer fall mini session in Columbus Ohio
I did take this photo, but all of the participants are willing!

I actually have an entire blog about whether or not someone should do a mini photo session, so I encourage you to check that out for more information to help you determine if a mini session is the right choice for your family!

Focus on the Kids

Some families will book a session with me only to have the kids photographed. Spending time getting great shots of each kid individually and together as siblings can be so important so that you are left with images that remind you of them at this age without the hassle of convincing someone else to do them. Or worse - trying to get your kids to smile for you yourself! If you can get him to tag along, then we can always add him into a few at the beginning or end of the session also. But keeping the focus on the kids may make it easier to get him on board!

Best photographer for boys family photography Westerville of siblings

Newborn photographer in Westerville in-home lifestyle photo of siblings and new baby

Don't Make Him Wear "Stupid" Outfit

Think about this. You convince him to put on an outfit or shoes he hates to wear to the session. What kind of expression do you expect for him to have while he is feeling uncomfortable? It's not going to be what you see on Pinterest, no matter how well your family matches! I recommend picking something he is willing to wear that goes with your entire aesthetic or possibly even building the other outfits around his. You want to look like a cohesive group, but you also want to be sure you have everyone feeling comfortable and confident so they look like their best selves in the final photographs.

Check out these examples of Dads dressed great for their session but don't look uncomfortable at all!

What to wear for Westerville Fall Family photos with mini session photographer

Westerville ohio mini photo session in Fall

Find Out Why Your Guy Doesn't Like Family Pictures

Although this seems like maybe the most obvious course of action, it is often a last resort so I am listing it at the end. Usually what I hear is that "he just doesn't like them" or "he has always hated them". But what I hear from the guys is somewhat different. Here are some reasons I have heard:

- Mom scheduled them during a game or work commitment

- They are awkward because another photographer they worked with in the past didn't help them with posing or made them feel uncomfortable

- He is worried that the kids are not going to behave

- Mom is uptight leading up to the session

One you have identified the root cause of the problem, we can work together to make sure this is a great experience! One of my priorities during the session is that my families feel relaxed and comfortable, and know how and where to stand and when they need to smile at me. The rest of the time, I want you all to enjoy your time together. I'll capture the candid moments and the connections, and the little faces you love so much!

Want to learn more? Or are you ready to schedule your own session? Reach out and let's create some magic!


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