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Welcome to the
Maternity Experience 

I know how special this time is and I cannot wait to document it for you! Please read on to see how to best prepare for your maternity session!


What to Wear

The most important factor in choosing what to wear is that you LOVE the way you look! Beyond that, here is some outfit advice: 

  • Solid colors photograph well, but patterns can help hide creases and lines from maternity pants/undergarments.
  • If one member of your family is wearing a print or pattern, choose colors from that and have the other family members wear those solid colors.
  • Don't forget about clean/nice shoes for everyone! 
  • Our client closet is open to our maternity clients for complimentary use of one of our maternity gowns. Many women will wear their own outfit for their family/couples portion and then switch to one of our gowns for a few.
  • Hats, necklaces, and other accessories can tie the colors together for the whole family and make a nice addition to your look.
  • Please TRY EVERYTHING ON including with undergarments. Some maternity pants can be bunchy or show through tighter shirts.

What to Bring

What makes a session especially special is when you have personal items that mean a lot to you. Consider these options, but please know that you do NOT need to bring anything. Your growing bump speaks for itself!

  • Baby shoes, special blanket, or other item you purchased or someone made JUST FOR THEM!
  • Ultrasound photo
  • If you plan to wear one of our gowns, bring/wear neutral colored undergarments without lack or heavy bands or seams as we want them hidden under the dress
  • Lipstick for touchups after changing
  • Water on a hot day or a coat for between spots on a cold day
More Prep Tips!
  • Make sure kids are fed BEFORE the session but wipe their faces.
  • Candy or dry snacks that are NOT sticky or leave behind colorful residue are ok (no MMs, goldfish, etc), but please secretly let me know. If kids are given a snack too early, they will not pay me any attention. Snacks should be a last resort.
  • Drink plenty of water & get rest before your session.
  • Professional hair and makeup appointments should be made well in advance (if you are doing so) especially for weekends. I am happy to recommend some top stylists if needed.
  • Do not bring loveys or electronics you don't want in the photos to the session if you have kids.
  • Remove hats and sunglasses prior to session time to prevent marks on faces.

What is Next?

  • View maternity gown options HERE and let us know if you want to wear one!
  • We will make weather-related decisions the morning of the session for an afternoon session or the day before for a morning session. 
  • After your session, you will receive a gallery link with your proof images to choose which final images you want. 
  • Professional prints can be purchased through your final gallery.
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