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The Best Time for Maternity Pictures with a Maternity Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

As we progress through life, things change quickly, and it's our responsibility as parents to capture these fleeting moments. Maternity pictures are one of those things in life that hold such precious memories and are so unique to your family's growing legacy. Everything changes when your family grows, from the two of you to welcoming a little one. Or maybe you are adding a new baby sibling to your family. Prioritize your family, your memories, and this sacred and unique time in life.

Maternity photographer Columbus Ohio captures man and woman holding woman's baby belly during maternity photos in Columbus Ohio

How to Choose the Best Time for Maternity Pictures

Your body changes in unique and beautiful ways throughout your pregnancy, and celebrating this time through pictures is irreplaceable. Since you only have a short period to capture this special milestone, you must work closely with your maternity photographer in Columbus, Ohio, to ensure you pick the best time for your maternity pictures. Your photographer will have experience working with expectant mothers and know the best time frame to book your session.

When Your Cute Baby Bump is Showing

When working with your photographer, you may be surprised to hear that we suggest waiting until the later months of pregnancy to book your session. As a maternity photographer in Columbus, Ohio, we want to wait until your belly is prominent and round! You're booking this session to show off your growing bump, and we want to ensure you can see it! Often, especially with a first pregnancy, this may be in the early third trimester. Depending on how you carry your baby, it could be as early as the middle of your second trimester. Sometimes, your baby bump will show even earlier with subsequent pregnancies or multiples, so we can take maternity pictures even sooner! As always, make sure you communicate any unique circumstances to ensure we get your photos before the baby makes their grand appearance.

Maternity photographer Columbus Ohio captures child kissing mother's pregnant belly during maternity photos

Towards the End of Your Pregnancy

I suggest planning your maternity session between months 7 and 8 of your pregnancy, especially if this is your first baby. During this time, your belly is nice and round, you can still move semi-comfortably, and we have ample time for photos before your due date. These predictions can change if you are expecting multiples or have other extenuating circumstances. Often, with subsequent pregnancies, baby bumps will be more defined earlier on. In these cases, a maternity session as early as 5-6 months may be appropriate, especially if you want a specific seasonal look that will not be available in the third trimester. As a maternity photographer in Columbus, Ohio, I have worked with many expectant mothers, and we get great results during this time frame. If you'll be pregnant during winter, we can always book your session in my studio!

When to Book Your Maternity Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

This time in your life is exciting and can be filled with joy and nerves. Feel free to reach out to your maternity photographer early. When you're booking with me, I encourage clients to contact me as soon as they've decided they want maternity photos. It allows us to communicate throughout your pregnancy and get you on my schedule for the best time frame based on your vision and pregnancy. If we need to change your maternity photography session date due to complications or changes in your due date, you won't have to worry about not being able to get booked.

Maternity photographer Columbus Ohio captures man and woman holding hands and looking at one another

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy and this exciting new chapter. With a maternity closet full of stunning gowns made for maternity photoshoots, we would love to create a session for you at any stage of pregnancy. If you have any questions about a maternity session or working with me, feel free to reach out here!


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