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Hiring an Experienced Family Photographer: Why It Matters

If you are planning a family photo session, chances are you are looking for the perfect family photographer for your crew. Choosing a photographer with experience makes the entire process worth it because you know that you will end up with photos that you love and a process that doesn't stress you out!

best family picture with kids and dog in fall mini session

Established Photographers Have a Better Booking Process

Whether you are able to book on a scheduling link or through some individual communication, established family photographers have a process that they have found works well for them, eliminating the stress of booking. No more back and forth through various means hoping you can get something on the calendar, they have figured out how to efficiently place you in to a slot that works for you both! They know the best time of day for photos and the best locations for scheduling. You don't have to wonder if they are going to show up or back out at the last minute.

newborn family picture indoors in home near westerville

Experienced Photographers Know the Best Locations

Speaking of locations, an experienced photographer has probably been a lot of places and knows what they like. Whether you are looking for something unique or popular or simply want to try somewhere you haven't been, and experienced photographer in the area will know the best places to go without you having to do your own research.

I could easily name about 50 places without thinking too hard so I can best help your family find a place that fits your vision. Whether you are looking for a wooded area, water, downtown views, a historic site, a country vibe with a barn, brick, graffiti or wall art, or an indoor studio or other location, I have been to them all and happy to help!

best location for fall family picture yellow leaves background family foreground

best photo location for spring picture near westerville with kids smiling at camera and spring flowers

Experienced Photographers Don't Get Stressed

We've seen it all. Crying, yelling, running, silly kids, sudden downpours of rain, extreme heat and cold, unexpected construction or lack of access to a site, family dynamics of all kinds, and so much more. We are ready for anything! Experienced photographers don't get flustered by these situations because we have been through them before and we are easily able to adapt to challenges without sacrificing our technical ability. In fact, we embrace the joy and energy of childhood!

candid photo of fall mini session in Westerville with active boys jumping and laughing

Technical Skills for Great Family Pictures

Speaking of technical skills, experienced photographers are able to think clearly through the technical skills required for the best quality family pictures without extra time. Sudden lighting changes? Running children? Dog licks the camera lens? No problem. We have the equipment and knowledge to create great images in changing circumstances. It's OK if we don't have total control over the external conditions because we have control over our equipment and are ready to use it!

sunset family picture golden hour of girl in flower field

A Photographer with Experience Knows How to Pose

We know how to position you and your family best for family pictures and how to get the kids to relax into a pose and smile. You are not going to be left figuring out how to stand and where to put your hands and feet because we will be able to direct you. If something looks unflattering, we can recognize this and make adjustments. There is no need for you to memorize TikToks that show you how to pose when you have an experienced photographer there to help!

experienced newborn photographer in studio newborn picture

spring family picture in front of flowering bush

extended family picture near westerville showing what to wear and how to pose

Looking to book your family session with someone who has experience? Let's do this!


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