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Information for ATC Academy School Photos

Did you know?

School pictures are a fundraiser for ATC!

percentage of sales goes DIRECTLY BACK to your preschool! 

How to Access Your Images

Enter your email address and the password to enter the ATC gallery (the same for all ATC students). You will want to use the same email address every time you enter the gallery since your shopping cart and "favorites" will be tied to this email address. 

Find your child's class from the albums shown. Click on that album and enter the class password (different for each class). Please note that you can go back and forth between any albums (classes) and purchase items from both. 

Time-saving tip: Mark your child's images as your "favorite" by clicking the star below the image.  Next time you log in, just go to "favorites" at the top to see your child(ren). 

How to Purchase Prints

1. Find the first image you'd like to purchase.

2. Click on the image you want. 

3. On the top right, click "buy photo".

4. The menu will show you packages (best value), or a la carte items (prints/digitals/products).

5. Select the quantity and hit "Add to Cart".

6. Click on the cart in the upper right to check out. Prints will be distributed at school. Class composites will be delivered AFTER retake day (other prints will come sooner).

***If your image requires additional retouching (temporary tattoo removal, etc) you MUST contact us before purchasing your items and an additional fee will apply.

You may then select to buy another item of this image, visit your cart, or close that item menu to return to the gallery. You may add multiple items of multiple images from multiple classes to your cart. You may purchase physical prints and digitals all in one transaction.

How to Purchase Digital Images

1. Click on the image you want to download.

2. On the top right, click "Buy Photo".

3. Click Digitals from the item menu. 

4. Click "Add to Cart".

5. Your image(s) will be delivered via email link within 48 hours of purchase.

You may then select to buy another item of this image, visit your cart, or close that item menu to return to the gallery. You may add multiple items of multiple images from multiple classes to your cart. You may purchase physical prints and digitals all in one transaction.

Bundle and Save with a Package! 3 digital images for $55 or 5 for $95!

Class Photos

8x10 class composites should be purchased now but will be delivered to the school AFTER retake day. They will not arrive with the rest of your order so that we can include kids utilizing retake day. There is no shipping available on class composites. 

To order a class photo:

In your child's classroom album, click on the class photo image. Then select "Buy Photo" and choose "Class Composite Photo" from the menu. Add the appropriate quantity to your cart.


I don't see my child's photo with their class! 

Please contact me with your child's first and last name, teacher, AM or PM, and days of the week. If you remember what they wore on picture day, that would be helpful, but not necessary. 

Can I purchase digitals and prints of multiple images in one transaction? 

Yes, you can add prints and digitals to your cart from multiple classes and check out as one transaction.

Why isn't my album password working?

Album passwords are unique for each class. Be sure you are using the one for the right child's classroom. If you continue to have trouble, please contact school staff to verify you have the correct password. For your child's protection, I am unable to provide passwords.

Where did my favorites and shopping cart items go?

Favorites and shopping cart items are tied to the email address used when logging in. Be sure to use the same email address each time you view the gallery. If you are using a shared computer at home, your items may be saved under the email address of whoever you share the computer with if they were already logged in when you opened the page to add those items previously.


If I order a digital image, will I have printing rights?

Yes, your digital images will come with a print release for personal use! You may make unlimited prints, share on social media, and they are yours forever!

I love my child's photos! How can I get more? 

I offer family sessions​ year round. These are a great way to capture both the family/sibling connections AND get some more individual images of your child. See the Families tab above for more information. I am also offering Fall and holiday minis on select dates. Contact me for more info

Do you retouch images?

Yes. A basic courtesy retouching was already completed. If you need more extensive retouching, that is available at an additional fee and must be requested before ordering.

I forget my child's classroom password! Can you give it to me?

No. For your child's protection, passwords are not publicly available and must be provided by the school. Please see someone on the ATC team for your classroom password.

Why does the number of images shown per child vary?

I only had a very brief time with each child, with the goal of 3 images. In some cases I had more than 3 distinct images and rather than delete them, I included them. 

Will these images be available to order forever?

No, I will not keep these images forever. All orders need to be placed by the ordering deadline so they can be delivered to you in a timely manner. 

Why am I paying sales tax?

As a legal registered business, Ohio law requires us to collect sales tax on physical prints and products just like every other business. 

Do you do family photos?

Yes! I do family sessions all year. Mini sessions are also offered on select dates. Please contact me for more information

Contact me here. Please allow up to 1-2 business days for a response. I am also parent of young kids, and this is the busiest time of year for our small business. Email is the best way to reach me!

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