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In-Home Newborn Photography in Westerville

Is your Westerville family expecting to grow this year? If so, it is important to plan ahead to document this special time in your lives! We love the charm of an in-home photography session for this occasion because it truly captures the realness of what it is like to bring your newest family member home. Having the older siblings in their home environment can also be comforting during this time of so much change in their lives, as they will be most comfortable there.

newborn photographer in Westerville photo of baby in home

Individual Baby Photos

One thing we always do is document this new bundle of joy all by themselves. After all, they are the star of the show right now! There are many ways we do it. One way we love to do this by laying baby on a blanket and using a wrap to keep the focus on their sweet new face. This is a great time to incorporate a special blanket that was made or gifted by a family member or passed down through the generations.

baby picture in Westerville of newborn in blue wrap yawning

Family Photos on the Sofa

We love having the family sit together in the main gathering space in their home. This is a view of real life! And it tends to create these sweet interactions between siblings which are a favorite of mine! Look how sweet this former youngest is looking at her new baby brother! In a family with three girls, it was so much fun to see them with their new baby boy!

Lifestyle newborn session for large Westerville family on couch

Candid baby picture of siblings in Westerville family photo

When she didn't want to hop off Dad's lap for photos of just her baby brother with her parents, we went with it! And it made for some sweet extra images that I couldn't stop myself from capturing. Sometimes we have to go with the flow when there are young siblings involved, and that's OK!

We were so lucky during this session to have this baby's grandparents here for the session! This is a rare occurrence and of course we had to document a few photos of these two generations together for them to have once they get back to their home state. What a great gift for your parents to have them included in your baby's newborn session!

newborn picture with grandparents in Westerville, OH

Newborn Photos on the Bed

This is one of my favorite spots for newborn photos. The whole family can snuggle up together and it always leads to sweet interaction. What better place to be on a Saturday morning than cuddled up in bed with your kids and sweet baby.

When I walked into this room, I had a favorite part right away. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it was the decor! I can only imagine how many pictures have been colored for those parents and gifted after school or on Mother's Day or birthdays... How sweet it is to have them on display where the kids know they are valued and that their hard work and thoughtfulness is truly treasured!

Westerville family newborn session on master bed

Detail Shots of Baby

Those little details don't stay the same for long. Weeks or even days can bring so much change. I like to be sure to document some of the little things like that first soft, little newborn hair. Or little sleepy smiles. Or pursed lips that just had a pacifier pulled. One day you will miss those little details and I want to help you preserve them forever.

In this photo below, we had dad hold his son in their home nursery rocking chair. One of my other favorite spots for newborn pictures, and a place they will surely spend a lot of time in the coming months.

professional newborn picture in Westerville of baby's head

Expecting Your Own Baby Soon?

We would love to help you document this precious time in your life and tell you baby's story. Our maternity sessions include complimentary use of a maternity gown from our client closet. Newborn sessions take place in the convenience of your own home! Get in touch to see how we can make this experience amazing for you!


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